Thursday, 17 January 2013

Why are we here?

I have a friend who keeps asking me how I paint my miniatures, and I can't answer him. I just mess about with one until it looks right, then I forget how I did it and, weeks later, I usually end up painting the next one in a completely different way. So, to answer his questions, I've set up this blog to keep a record of my work in progress.

He also asks me why I'm so slow at painting miniatures, and I can't answer that either, so don't expect frequent updates!

I also make a lot of buildings and terrain. I had been putting pictures on Flickr but I reached my storage limit a long time ago. On top of that, I've forgotten not only my Flickr log-in name but also my password, so I need a new location for my pictures. I suppose it's more appropriate to keep a record of my terrain-making on a blog anyway.

I may move my old images from Flickr to here eventually. Until then, you can find them here.

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