Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chechen house 2 - part three

This is the third part of my attempt to turn a HO scale railway building into a useful bit of wargaming terrain. Here are parts one and two.

This is the roof of the HO 'house under construction' kit as I received it:

One side of it was completely open:

I thought this meant some parts were missing but the duplicate kit was identical so I suppose that's just how it's made. I blocked in the open side with a piece of thin plasticard. At this point I was lazy and thought I could get away with just painting the areas shown below and that shadows would hide the rest...

... but I was wrong. I later discovered the unpainted underside of the roof was clearly visible from the outside, so I had to fiddle around painting the underside black by pushing my brush through the gaps. Next time I'll pull the roof apart first, paint the underside, then glue it back together and save myself a lot of pointless extra work. Here's the roof from above, with the plasticard glued in place:

The next stage was to cut some strips of corrugated card, slice them into smaller pieces, and glue them onto the roof.

Next, some paint. I undercoated everything (rather poorly) with a mid-grey then painted the roof timbers with raw umber and the roof panels with silver.

I slapped on some raw umber and black where I wanted the wood to look fire-damaged, and washed the same colours over the roof panels to weather them. When everything was dry I drybushed more of these colours here and there to represent smoke and soot.

This isn't the finished building, but it's getting close...


  1. Very, very nice, and inspired! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great work. I've just started a 15mm first/second Chechen war project and am presently making tower blocks from cake dummies for a semi-urban board. What rules are you going to use? I'm thinking of modding Crossfire, as set which I've very much enjoyed in the past. Your armour also looks fantastic too. I look forward to future posts!

  3. Thanks everyone! Gareth, I had to look up cake dummies - they look like a great way to make tower blocks. As it happens, I've already played a couple of modern games using Crossfire and it works well. I'm afraid I can't remember where I found it, but somewhere online there are some Crossfire house rules for Vietnam that might be useful to you.


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